Have an idea about your company, your employees and your customers? Q-smart queue, performance and appointment management system is ready to give you a plausible answer to all these questions. You just enjoy your coffee.

  • Central system management and performance monitoring tools for your branch offices
  • System status monitoring tools for your coordination center
  • Detailed performance reports of your employees
  • Intensity reports of the services you offer
  • Customer feedback-based satisfaction survey system
  • Appointment system for balancing your intensive work schedule and for your busy customers
  • Advertisement management system to inform your customers about your advertisements and promotions
  • Corporate closed circuit TV system integrated to the queue management system
  • Integration to smart building systems
  • SAP, CRM system integration
  • Web services for all the data gathered and processed in the queue management system

Central system management and performance monitoring tools

Q-smart queue management system possesses a smart central management infrastructure. Thanks to its central reporting and management infrastructure, you can monitor the management of all your branch offices from a single center, keep track of the live performance and work intensity of branch offices, save smart filters about undesired conditions and enable the artificial intelligence to keep track of your system.

The data gathered in the center pertaining to your branch offices help the generation of an advanced report. Using the report printouts, you can analyze the inter-branch performances and assess the branch office, queue or personnel works by comparing those with the system as a whole.

Central system management comes along with the monitoring tools compatible with Smart or LCD TVs, which could be used in your operation center. It is ready for use on the Web without the need to install any application.


Coordination center system status monitoring tools

The queue management system is offered along with superior monitoring tools such as if there is a faulty hardware, the warning system will become activated, if the paper amount has reduced, the system will send a notice by an e-mail or a Web service etc.

All monitoring solutions comes with Smart TV compatible user interface and smart building web service supports.

System has an intelligence AI to call technical support for any hardware faulty without any additional operation. If the Q-smart queue management system detects a problem in any hardware forming the system, the artificial intelligence will send a notice to the service center for technical supports

If the operator’s attention is needed, system will send a notice to the technical team or the smart building automation system and inform them about the problem's criticality level.

Detailed performance reports

Q-smart queue management system provides detailed performance reports in all type of the systems managed through a single or central management structure. In central managed systems, you can obtain all-branches reports as well as singular branch office-based performance reports.

You can free to select the beginning and ending dates you wish in order to get detailed information about;

  • The rush hours of your organization by viewing the hourly work report
  • The detailed daily work intensity by viewing daily work report issued for each day of the week,
  • The monthly work performance by viewing the monthly work report,
  • You can obtain your yearly service, branch office or employee performances report by viewing the yearly work report.

Customer satisfaction survey system

Q-smart queue management system offered with integrated customer satisfactions survey system. System asks to your customers "How the customer expeirence is" from the tablet which are placed in front of your employees after calling their ticket. Your customer's rating is saved and stored with matched ticket number into the system.

Hereby, you can access their ratings in the survey reports and check which customer were not satisfied? which service was they use? and which staff were serving them?

Thanks to live artificial intelligence features, system send automatically a report e-mail to your managers when your customers rate your staffs based on your filters.

With detailed survey reports, you can obtain live or backward report about what your customers think about your business or services.

Online Appointment System

Q-smart queue management system is ready to manage, distribute and arrange appointments of your services(without any additional fee/cost).

Using the integrated appointment system, you can adjust settings regarding the number of high-priorized customers, appointment hour intervals, appointment days and appointment periods.

Q-smart online appointment system has a user-friendly interface. It distributes and manages your appointments online through any mobile or desktop web browser such as Opera, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Q-smart queue management system is offered along with an integrated web server and appointment distrubution web page. It is ready to use.

Connect your Q-smart queue management system ticket dispenser to the internet and start enjoying the online appointment system without an additional charge or the need to buy any service.


Customer communication channels

3 different customer communication channels are offered along with the Q-smart queue management systems. These are; Ticket Dispenser's on screen advertisements, printer ticket templates and integrated multimedia digital signage system.

On ticket dispenser touch screens, you can announce your new offers, news from your business and services, updates, information messages...etc.

You can change the printed ticket templates online and instantly start printing tickets for your customers using the updated template. You can customize the ticket template for each service and print special messages for different queues.

Using the integrated digital signage system, you can publish your text, picture or video messages on TV screens where your customers look to track their ticket number.

All the three options are performed online on the Web-based management interface and the changes you have made are published to your branch offices real time.

SAP, Google, IBM, Microsoft... CRM external Web service integration

Q-smart queue management system is designed through an architecture that communicates with the external world. The system calls to your web services all the information needed for your customer relations management operations like when a ticket is taken, when a customer with an appointment is called, when a survey form is entered, when a ticket is called, when the card reader reads a private customer or when a new appointment is made.

Thanks to its superior design architecture, you can build all integration solutions you have dreamed of. The system has an integrated database server, a Web server and an application server to meet your business needs. This flexible architecture enables the use of all communication technologies such as REST, SOAP and SOCKET etc.


Q-smart Web Services

Q-smart queue management systems has "ready to use" web services for provided functions with integrated web, database and application servers.

Appointment web services; adding/deleting/ arranging appointments, appointment days, appointment status, remaining appointments, services performed with appointment, appointment settings.

Ticketing web services; adding tickets, printings tickets, inquiring the status of the ticket, ticket limiting service status, ticket call, ticket recall, ticket postponing, ticket transfer, ticket parking, system login/logout.

Reporting services; services offered, hourly data, daily data, monthly data, yearly data, user data, service data, average time spent in queue, average time spent for transactions, the longest transaction, the shortest transaction, average number of tickets waiting, average number of transactions, personnel work hours, number of online counters, ticket data, customer satisfaction survey data.

Monitoring web services; CPU temperature, CPU working percentage, RAM status, HDD status, operating system data, updating status, system sources status, printer status, counter display and main display status, hardware communication status, hardware fault status.